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Anonymous asked:

I wish some of my ex girlfriends and female friends could embrace their body type the way you do. I get mentally exhausted sometimes trying to tell them they look beautiful the way they are and they still disagree strongly ... then go further into their frustration /depression. Maybe if they see a blog like yours they could could gain some confidence and rock their curves.


Tell them this:

Most women struggle with body “issues.” I feel like someone has to experience enough real situations that make you realize your body has nothing to do with your integrity, passion, or ethic. Beauty cannot feed you. Not male approval, competitive gain, or money can make a woman beautiful inside. Look at what insecurities women spend their money on? Realize this is all a game of “who can make the most people insecure enough to spend the most money.” 

Don’t waste another second worrying about anything less than your health and happiness. 

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